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Coconut Water Keto, Is It Really Work?

Is coconut water keto-friendly? Well, before I answer this question let’s dive into understanding what coconut water is as well as a keto diet.

Keto Diet

Also known as the ketogenic diet, one is advised to drastically cut on carbs and increase their fats intake. This way your body goes into a metabolic state known as ketosis.

In this metabolic state, the body burns fat better providing energy and converts fat to ketones which help in supplying energy to the brain.

Benefits Of Keto

With our current generation keto is being used majorly as an alternative to many weight loss programs because of the reduced carb intake but aside from that, it has a few more health benefits.

Appetite reduction. While dieting, appetite control is hard and most people give in. Not only does it cut on calories but also makes you feel hungry less and less.

Helps in shedding harmful abdominal fats. These fats can lead to excess weight gain and can promote other metabolic health conditions.

Reduces fats in the blood also known as triglycerides thus reducing the risks of heart disease.

Cholesterol control. It increases good cholesterol and this helps in keeping conditions like heart disease at bay.

Helps control type 2 diabetes by reducing insulin levels. Blood sugar levels are also reduced and this helps in minimizing the risk of getting a stroke, kidney failure, and heart conditions.

After you know the benefits of keto, now let’s Look at what coconut water is and if they can work together.

Coconut Water

coconut water keto

Coconut has a lot of uses, all of it, from the plant to the inside of the fruit. The culinary and cosmetic industries have used coconut for years now.

Palm trees are beautiful and used as decoration around the compound as well as the coconut shells. The coconut fruit gives us a variety of products used differently including; coconut milk, coconut water, and coconut oil.

Coconut water comes from inside the coconut fruit. People call it coconut juice. The water from a younger coconut fruit is said to have more benefits than that of mature ones. It has become more common and is not only tasty and refreshing but also comes with a few health benefits.

Coconut Water Composition

coconut water keto

You can get carbohydrates from coconut water as its levels are high. It also has electrolytes including magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

Due to this, it is considered a good option for dehydration treatment. It also contains fiber, proteins, and calories.

It is highly used by athletes and most gyms have started recommending the drink for hydration purposes. acting just like a soft drink but natural, it helps in electrolyte replacement in the body.

Benefits Of Coconut Water

It contains amino acids which are effective in tissue repair. This leads to keeping a healthy heart.

One of the best sports drinks as it is natural with no additives. It can do just as well as other common sports drinks. The only risk it comes with is feeling nauseous or can upset the stomach if taken too much.

Its low-calorie levels make it a good alternative for drinks like sodas.

Coconut water contains antioxidants that help in reducing oxidative stress accumulated during a workout or strenuous work.

Cytokinin hormones contained in coconut water are said to have cancer-fighting and anti-aging properties.

It’s a great source of nutrients. its potassium content is ten times more than that found in many soft drinks. It can also help in the reduction of menstrual cramps.

Is Coconut Water Keto Really Work?

coconut water keto

I now know you are wondering whether it is right to include it in your keto diet due to its high levels of cards, well, here is the answer.

If your carb intake is 40grams and below then you can take coconut water but if it is higher then, you should avoid it.

It is not recommended for those with a higher carb intake because it already has high carbohydrates contents.

100ml of coconut water contains approximately 8.9grams of carbs and on a keto diet, one is supposed to take a maximum of 50 grams every day.

While on a keto diet, maintaining a level of carb intake is essential for its effectiveness. Carbs consumed from coconut water will add up with those consumed from the diet. If you think it will tip the balance then I would advise you not to consume it.

On the other hand for active individuals like athletes, coconut water can be excused due to the rapid loss of carbs in a vigorous workout.

Alternatives To Coconut Water For Your Keto Diet

Water is the best alternative as it helps in normal bodily functions. You can add lemon or lime juice and also fruits for flavor.

Coffee is another good option. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated. You may even add some cream to boost its fats content.

Tea. It’s considered to be a drink with so many health benefits and has zero carbohydrates. Green and back tea are the best and are readily available.

Carbonated water is not only a good option but can also be used to curb soda and sugar cravings. They have no carbs and can be quite refreshing.

Simmering animal bones to make some broth is a good alternative as well. It not only supports your keto diet but increases immunity.

Alcoholic drinks can be consumed but one should avoid the flavored kind or any liquid or sugar additives. They could add carbs to alcohol hence interfering with the needed amount for your diet.


When on a keto diet coconut water should be taken with precaution not to get your body off ketosis due to increased carbs. Its benefits can help your keto diet journey but only if monitored correctly.

Beware that most packaged coconut water has added sugars and flavors that may increase the carbohydrate contents of the drink. Always read the labels before purchase.

If you want to know more about keto info, please check the following link.

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