is egg foo young keto

Is Egg Foo Young Keto?

As you continue with your keto goals daily, you will find varieties of foods and recipes that can be tempting due to their taste or even their pleasant smell that you may want to try. So today, I will talk about Egg Foo Young.

But one of the challenges is: is egg foo young keto? Follow this article to know if this recipe is ketogenic.

What Is An Egg Foo Young?

is egg foo young keto

Egg foo young is the Chinese omelet; it’s a mixture of eggs, vegetables, and some proteins (most times porks or shrimp are commonly used); it is then dipped into a Chinese sauce well stir-fried. It’s known that its originality came from the Chinese chefs in the United States who used leftovers.

It’s not very genuine, but many other same types of foods are common in China. It varies very well in its filling and name, often spelled as young foo egg, fu young egg, or foo yung egg.

What’s In Egg Foo Young?

A lot of people don’t know that the egg foo young is most times fried, as the cast iron skillet is most times used for frying the recipes.

is egg foo young keto

The egg foo young recipes make use of the unique takeaway restaurant ways in which meatballs are fried. Which do not only creates a fantastic flavor but also speeds up the cooking time and also makes the egg foo young very much lighter.

This might sound a little difficult to understand, but then, when it is fried in oil in an average of 330-350F, it makes the young foo egg pancakes or omelet look very much fluffy. The temperature used for the oil is essential to make sure that the chicken egg used does not contain fats, so prepare the oil to be fried with much care.

Adding to the speed in preparation reparation and also its lightness, the onions in the dough are also fried in the same frying methods by the Chinese restaurant, and this makes the meal very fantastic and makes it taste superb.

Ingredients Used In Egg Foo Young.

The egg foo young ingredients are kindly classified in this way.

  • Egg Foo Young vegetables:
    1. The mushrooms
    2. The green onion
    3. The carrots
    4. The Bamboo shoots
    5. The bean sprouts
    6. The sweet pepper
    7. The water chestnuts
    8. The green peas
  • Egg Foo Young chickens:
    1. The beef
    2. The Jamon
    3. The Locust
    4. The roasted pig
    5. The chicken
    6. The Chinese sausage
    7. The Shrimp

And we can also classify its ingredients as:

  • Eight eggs with sizes
  • 1/2 chopped yellow onions
  • 1/2 cup of steamed chopped carrots.
  • 1/4 cup green peas
  • 1/2 cup of well chopped green bell pepper.
  • 1/4 cup of half-cut sprouts of beans.
  • One light soy sauce tablespoon
  • Three tablespoons of divided sesame oils

How To Make Egg Foo Young?

is egg foo young keto

In making egg foo young, I use my favorite ingredients such as shrimps, vegetables, and pork, and they are mixed directly with well-beaten eggs and then cooled just like a standard omelet has been pan-fried.

It can be served with a Chinese brown dip, which is only for ingredients dip, which takes only just a few minutes to be prepared.


  • Firstly, prepare the egg foo young dip:
  • Combine and thicken the soy-only sauce, Chinese cooking wines, sesame o mirin oil, cornstarch/cornmeal oyster sauce. Make them thicken and contain pepper.
  • Minced meat or pork option: If you want to make pork or other options like minced meat, drizzle it with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar to make it an additional flavor. The spoons of raw pork can be added directly into the egg mixture. The truth is that it doesn’t waste time in been cooked just as when the omelet has been cooked.
  • Adding the option of shrimp: If you also want to add the shrimp version, the raw shrimp should be added to the batter. You can cut the prawns into smaller pieces if they are significant.
  • Vegetable additions: you can then add the vegetables which you want to use. Most times, green onions and sprouts beans are primarily used.

Cooking Foo Young Egg is no different than cooking a regular omelet! the mixture can be poured into a pan and cooked.

Cooking both the egg foo young and omelet have not much difference, it just pouring the mixtures desired to be cooked into a pan and cook.

Serve dipped in the tasty Egg Foo Young sauce! It can be served in tasty Yung foo egg dip.

How Many Carbs Does Egg Foo Young Contains?

The major fillings of egg foo young are the meat (both chicken shrimp and pork) and the vegetables (which includes water chestnut, chives, etc.). And it’s served in a personal meatball joined together with a unique sauce.

This is the primary source of carbs in the egg foo young meal. A single egg foo young which consists of two eggs, including gravy, contains almost 9-11g of carbs.

Please note that carbs content is also very in Egg foo young depending on selections of the vegetables and meats used in the mixture. This sounds surprising, right? Though this is because the simple no sauce meal contains less than 4g net of carbs.

Can You Eat An Egg Foo Young in Keto?

The original egg foo young is keto-friendly because it’s been made with a mixture of low-carb ingredients. Just a single serving has only just 4g net of carbs.

It is an omelet that is stuffed into meat, as well as vegetables served with gravy occasionally. It’s known that eggs are keto-friendly, though your choice of ingredients matters, as it decides the number of carbs that will be present in the meal.

It’s advisable to go for keto-friendly vegetables such as.

  • chives and
  • Chinese cabbage.

Also, the high carb water chestnut can b replaced too with either bamboo shoots or jicama.

Although, you need to be cautioned with the kind of sauce to be used, as most contain cornstarch, which includes almost all carbohydrates.

If possible, it is advisable to prepare your desired egg foo young at home to avoid eating in restaurants. Though if you must eat outside, the cornstarch or flour should be avoided.

Carbs Content in Egg Foo Young Shrimp Sauce?

Shrimp is known as very keto-friendly seafood. Because there is no amount of carbs available in it

Sure, that was right. So even if the shrimp is added to the egg foo young, the carbs content in the meal is never affected.

The sauce and egg foo young shrimps contain about 9-11g net carbs per serving, which is known that most of the carbs come from the sauce.

The shrimps are very low in carbs and are also commonly eaten by fish. More to carbohydrates, the shrimps also contain low calories. Therefore it is adopted very well by fitness enthusiasts.

Protein is a lean source, and it’s also rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins. If you mix both egg foo young shrimp and gravy, you will find the same number of carbs and more protein.

So, you can cook the egg foo young easily slightly portions of known recipes initially.

Benefits of Egg Foo Young in Keto.

  • Calories are moderately high:

The primary egg foo young are the eggs and oil, two high calories that contain ingredients, so it’s not astonishing that it contains high calories. A single serving of egg foo young, which is served plain, has about 448 calories.

Also, have it in mind that you can get even multiples of it in a serving. It also contains a fatty source, which is added enough calories as well. Though if you consume much of this, be extremely careful because weight gain is unavoidable.

  •   High fat can be replaced:

To significantly reduce fats in egg foo young, the meats and fish added to it can be replaced with vegetables like peas, carrots, and skip the added oil. Instead, you can bake the egg mixture in sauté in a non-stick pan or muffin coated lightly in a cooking spray.

  •   Vitamins and minerals are highly content.

Even after the cholesterol and the concentration of fats and sodium in Egg foo young, the recipes produce a delicious meal packed with lots of minerals and vitamins.

Just a single serving of young eggs prepared with grated carrots, sprout beans, scallions, and peas mixed with eggs produce above 20 percent folly acids, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamin A of adults recommended daily allowances daily.

Health experts agree that the kind of nutrients above helps support both an immune system and the building of strong bones, teeth, a healthy nervous system, healthy protein, and red blood cells, synthesizing DNA as well.


Well said.  Egg foo young is keto-friendly. But it is highly recommended to prepare it at home to enjoy it better and keep the ketogenic goals.

If you still choose to eat it outside, you can do well to avoid flour and cornstarch.

If you want to know more about keto info, please check the following link.

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