is garlic keto friendly

Is Garlic Keto Friendly?

Is garlic keto-friendly? Before I go there, let’s talk about garlic first. Primarily, garlic is used by most people as a spice, but in a real sense, it should be used as a vegetable. It belongs to the onion family along with other elements such as shallots, leeks, and chives.

For many years, people from different cultures used it to add flavor to food and other health benefits. Civilizations from the Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, and even the Roman documented the numerous uses of garlic.

Today, different scientists have confirmed the health benefits linked to the use of garlic. While it is used in most food, it is also important for keto diets. If you are looking for an answer to whether garlic is keto, the truth is garlic is keto-friendly. There are different keto diets that can be used with garlic.

How To Consume Garlic In A Keto Diet?

is garlic keto friendly

This guide will give information concerning these dishes and also the benefits of incorporating garlic into the diet. It is a fact that it can be incorporated into the ketogenic diet but used in small amounts.

Most people prefer using it while fresh or as a powder, and both are acceptable for a keto diet. Small amounts are always recommended, but there is nothing wrong with using a lot of it in the diet.

The most important thing to understand about garlic is that it contains carbohydrates and whether you consume it in small amounts, the carbs keep adding up. One clove of garlic contains 1g net carbs.

Whether you are using black or roasted garlic, rest assured that you will be consuming the same amount of carbs you do in a regular clove.

  • Keto sauce. This sauce is mostly prepared in the Middle Eastern or Mediterranean regions. The people from this place can serve you a sweet and yummy dipping sauce. This sauce can be consumed with any meat of your choice.

  • Butter. This is another way to spice up your keto diet. This is through the addition of garlic butter. In preparing this, you can use it while fresh or use the powder. All you have to do is melt about a quarter of the butter or ghee and mix it with half spoon of its powder, add some salt, and that is all it is needed. This is suitable for your diet since it has low carbohydrates and a lot of fats.

  • Garlic powder. You can use it in keto tea and make it with powdered garlic. The powder is normally used in different seasoning meals. The powder on your diet should not exceed one teaspoon.

  • Salt. There is also garlic salt used in seasoning in keto diets. The ingredients used in making this special salt include ground dried garlic, ordinary table salt, and finally, the anti-caking agents.

How Much Garlic To Consume On Keto?

is garlic keto friendly

Being on a keto diet means you want to stay in ketosis all the time. This technically means that you are not supposed to eat above 20g during the period of ketosis adaptation and not consume more than 50g when you have already adapted to ketosis.

This looks into how much carbohydrates you can consume in a day. For most people, the best amount of carbs to take in a day ranges from 20 to 50g. Also, budget is another factor that limits or allows people to take in carbohydrates the way they do. Regardless, a moderate amount is suitable for the users.

For keto diets, you are recommended to take between 2 to 5g of garlic daily. This amount will contain only 1g of net carbohydrates. This amount will provide you with the best flavor. If you maintain this amount, you will be sure that your ketosis cannot be affected.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Below are some of the benefits of garlic.

  • It comes with medicinal compounds. Garlic contains sulfur compounds. According to different studies and scientist’s views, sulfur compounds offer a lot of health benefits. The sulfur compound is generated during the process of chopping, crushing, and chewing garlic. The compounds formed move from your tract to the other body parts, where they will work on the biological components of the body resulting in positive effects.

  • It can boost the body immune. Research shows that its use can help boost your immune system function. For instance, in a study that was conducted and the results gathered 12 days later, the study showed that the consumption of garlic helped in reducing colds by 63%. Other sources point out the importance of the sulfur component in it helping the body against organ damage resulting from heavy metals such as lead.

  • Has high nutritional value. Garlic, in its raw nature, contains manganese, vitamin C, selenium, and vitamin B6 all of which are good for providing nutrients to our body. Moreover, garlic contains fiber and barely carbohydrates.

  • Suitable source for antioxidants. Antioxidants are important for our body because they support the protective mechanisms of the body against oxidative damages. Studies show that when you consume a lot of garlic, the antioxidant enzymes in your body increase and relieve those with high blood pressure a lot of stress. Also, the presence of these antioxidants helps in reducing the high risks of suffering brain infections like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • It can reduce blood pressure. Hypertension, in other terms called high blood pressure, is a significant drive for cardiovascular diseases. Most human studies have found high blood pressure to be reduced by the consumption of garlic supplements. To achieve quick desired results, you must take high doses of garlic supplements. You can take a minimum of four cloves in a single day.


In conclusion, garlic is good for keto diets for various reasons. Not only does it offer medicinal benefits for the body, but it also gives your diet the most amazing aroma and flavor.

However, the only trick to keep fit in your diet is to take the recommended amount. Too much of it can result in other negative impacts.

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