is spam keto friendly

Is Spam Keto Friendly?

Most people will look for tastier foods in a ketogenic diet containing high protein and low carbs and spam is considered the best food options to go for. The food is produced in different flavors and can be used in many other dishes. You might be wondering is spam keto friendly? Going through this article to the end will change your perspective about spam, and you will look at it in a different light. The guide will guide general information about spam and how it is compatible with keto.

What Is Spam?

is spam keto friendly Spam was first introduced into the market in 1937 and was manufactured by Hormel Foods in Austin, Minnesota. It was primarily used during the Second World War and great depression since it was inexpensive and could be stored for more extended periods without spoiling. Although canned food might not be the best source of protein for you, it is still good food for keto dieters since it is low in carbs and high in fat content. Two servings of spam contain 1g net carb. Instead of taking it directly, you can use it with keto-friendly bacon, sandwich, or add it in eggs. The product comes in different flavors that are keto-friendly, including; chorizo, classic bacon, black pepper, turkey, and jalapeno. The teriyaki spam is the highest carb flavor containing 5g net carb in a serving but is still mostly used because it is relatively keto-friendly. So if you are wondering is spam keto friendly and is it good for the body? let’s read more.

How Is This Product Made?

Most of the pork meat used in making spam is from the shoulders. The ingredients used in making it are six, including water, ham, salt, sugar, preservative, and potato starch. Apart from the classic variant, the rest use flavors. The little pieces of chopped pork meat are sprayed with little salt and sugar and later covered with a mixture of water and potato starch. This is done to maintain the internal moisture of the meat. Sodium nitrate is then added as a preservative to help the meat last longer without spoiling.

Ingredients Used in Manufacturing This Food

Most people prefer the classic variant, and it is considered the primary type. The rest of the variants are made of all the ingredients used in making the classic variant but with additional flavors. The commonly used element is pork and ham, meaning that meat from any pork section can be used. Other components include sugar, water, salt, potato start, and additional preservation to help it stay fresh for long. From the list of the ingredients, water and salt are both keto-friendly because water contains no carbs, while salt is a critical electrolyte in the diet. The potato starch and sugar used are not recommended for those who want to stay ketosis, so they are used in low quantities. As a result, they cannot alter the ketosis unless you consume a lot of spam daily.

Nutrition Facts of This Food

is spam keto friendly The nutrition value of this food is high given that it is made of pork meat.

Is Spam Keto Friendly?

There is a misconception that a ketogenic diet involves consuming foods that are either keto or non-keto. However, in reality, keto is not any food but a metabolic state that happens in a certain period and calls for restriction in carbohydrate consumption. It, therefore, means that as long as you stay within your carbohydrate consumption limits, you can eat almost all types of food without altering anything. The trick is consuming fewer carbs. Contrary to what most people believe about this product, it is a good source of proteins and fats and contains low carbs. Most of the flavors also have many fats, protein, and fewer carbs, making them suitable for keto diets. If you serve a single 2 ounce of this food, you will be consuming about one or 2grams of carbs. This is the most it can deliver in terms of carbs, and most varieties contain this amount or less. Below are some of its varieties that are good for your keto diet. You can buy them all on Amazon. The list is endless. However, some are not recommended for those in the keto diet, and they include:
  • Tocino
  • Teriyaki
  • Fries
  • Patties

Spam Meals

Is Spam Keto Friendly? You can use this product in making different keto-friendly meals. All you have to do is ensure that other than this food, the rest of the ingredients you are mixing it with are approved for your diet. You can use it in keto sandwiches or any egg recipe. Below are some of the keto diet meal ideas made using spam:
  • Eggs and spinach
  • Musubi
  • Hawaiian garlic
  • Meatballs
  • Egg roll bowl
These are only a few of the ideas, and there are more than hundreds of possible meals you can prepare using the different available variants.

Is Spam Healthy?

This is a question most people will ask themselves before consuming any food, and spam is no different. The truth is that this food contains high fat and calories. One serving provides your body with 16g of fat, and the 6g in it are saturated fats. It also includes a relative amount of cholesterol. This means that consuming it in high amounts or regularly is not suitable for the body. However, there is a concern though for the presence of sodium nitrate in this food. Studies have shown that increased consumption of sodium nitrate could result in heart diseases and cancer. Therefore, the best thing to do when consuming sodium nitrate is to ensure that it is in moderate quantity.

Bottom Line

If your only consideration is its compatibility with ketosis, it is correct to say that you can use spam in your diet and it will not negatively affect the diet. However, although it is low in carbs, it contains sugar and potato starch, making it not recommended for your diet. Moreover, since this food is processed, any person trying to maintain a healthy diet must avoid it. If you consider its overall health implications, you will realize that it is better to go for other better options. If you want to know more about keto info, please check the following link.

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